Gourmet Pasture Raised Eggs and Meat

Circle V Poultry is all about keeping our poultry in a fresh, clean, and natural 

environment.  Richardt Visser (owner and operator of Circle V Poultry)  always had a passion for any type of poultry and a vision to raise poultry in a healthy and clean environment.  Richardt was raised on a farm and is very knowlegable about animal husbandry. For years Richardt worked along side father and brothers raising row crops and cattle; and he still helps out family with other farm work when they need a hand. Richardt has a strong bond with his family and his family have been there to help Richardt get to where he is in poultry farming today. Richardt started out with his first own poultry venture  four years ago in 2012.  With lots of hard work and time Richardt has been able to become a farmer that produces quality pastured eggs and meat that people can purchase at natural markets or enjoy in restaurants around east Tennessee. 

Family Farming At its Best